Liane Amendy

An artist living in beautiful and leisurely settings of southern Calgary, her greatest interest is in portraits and figurative art. You will find in her portfolio a collection of Canadian landscapes and people.

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Rainy Sky

18x18" study of rainy sky





Moo Moo
Moo Moo


Project Cows

This project consists of a series of depiction of cows, the most representative subject of the prairie lifestyle and a key component in local economy. Every year, Calgary Stampede attracts millions of people to the city. Alberta beef and dairy products are sold to many parts of the world. However, Liane depicts cows are creatures that enjoys a life.

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My Styles
  • • Bold strokes
  • • Freeflow expression
  • • Experimental colors
  • • Cartoonist instinct

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A few recent works


I love your cows Liane. Will you have them on display somewhere? They should be at the art pavillion at the Stampede!


I love it. It's got his personality and I know how hard the logs piled up on the shores are to paint. love the bottom left portion of it.

Sabrina Larson

Like the painting ... new style..but seeing it is your profile ... Are you telling us you are a stubborn individual?

Marylou Gammans

Especially love the hat. It is so transparent but intense too. You can almost feel the texture with your eyes.

Luella Gilchrist